A pleasant, sweet tasting atmosphere, with the scent of fresh cut coffee, and the acoustic melodies to soothe everyone’s taste of music!

All of us that represent Sugar Café Bar have created this space for you and all your senses!
With our services we hope to fulfill all your needs.

With all our selective products we hope to create magic on your taste palate.
Our friendly, kind and polite environment wish to conquer a piece of your heart. Just a smile of yours will reward our efforts.

Enjoy your valuable time here at sweet…

Sugar café-cocktail bar


Our place in a glimpse


You will find us in Gialova, Messinia, on the pedestrian street next to the sea

Since 2009, our purpose is to offer quality cocktails, coffee, desserts, snacks and music in a unique setting, based on professionalism, consistency and above all love for what we do.

After a 10 year continuous journey at the beginning of the pedestrian street in Gialova, willing to fulfill your every wish, Sugar café-cocktail bar has moved to the seafront, giving you the opportunity to combine our quality services with the beautiful view of the Navarino bay.

Thank you for your continuous support in our new place, a -full of senses- cocktail awaits you…